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Daughters of Simone_2015_Collection-5715Daughters of Simone is a romantic non-traditional bridal gown company based out of , and made in, San Francisco, California. Fused by what inspires us, along side the fashion muses of years gone by, we aim to make each gown their own… Something we would want to wear, or maybe that others would want to wear also. We love that all of our gowns are unique, with an original story that our brides breathe new life into. Because we see our girl as an individual, this is not just any other bride getting married and the dress must represent that.

 The name Daughters Of Simone was inspired by the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. She was a rebel of her time who created a life solely around what she stood for when being your own woman made you a radical. We’d like to think that our brides are just this way. Uniquely themselves, and unafraid to challenge the status quo to create the life they want. Here, there’s a sense that because of courageous women like Simone, marriage has evolved into a really beautiful thing between two people… Something completely about celebrating love, and spending a lifetime of adventure together. Daughters Of Simone aims to capture this spirit.

“Romance and antique lace, blossom trees and billowy sleeves…this is what young love should feel like.” 

 - Daughters Of Simone

Brit Castanos

About the Designer: Brit Castaños

 A California native, Brit launched Daughters Of Simone in 2011 after noting a lack in variety of wedding gowns available for the non-traditional bride. Growing up under wing of an artist mother and carpenter father, Brit blossomed in the abundance of projects constantly surging through the house.  Bare feet on summer grass, a custom fit mud suit, she was a middle child of three. Creativity was nurtured and encouraged, quite seriously, and so she fell for fashion at an early age, while experimenting with design and production during her high-school years. Daughters of Simone began with a handful of reconstructed vintage gowns curated from the 1960’s and 1970’s. With encouragement from brides, and inspiration from her mother’s very own 1970’s shoulder-baring wedding gown, Brit began to design her own made-to-order collections. Her designs are comprised of both bohemian and non-traditional style wedding gowns. Brit continues to find inspiration through her travels to Indonesia, and Asia, and from the soul-baring & tenacious women of the world who remind her to keep dreaming.

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