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Don’t have a store in your area? No worries.

We’ll ship you out a sample gown of your choice

and you throw the “try-on party”.

Check it out-

Step one.) Fill out our request a sample form.

For a $100 try on fee (plus shipping) you can have the dress of your choosing shipped directly to your house. If you like the gown the $50 will go directly towards your overall purchase. For more info, follow the link above.

Step two.) Invite the pals over, and (of course) mom too!

This is a special day, why not share it with your favorite people? We get it, you’re not the “bridey-bride” type. But trust us, don’t let the moment pass you by.

Step three.) Pictures. All the pictures.

Might as well be your first day of kindergarten because mom’s going to be snapping away. As she should! You’ll need these pics to make the final decision. Thanks mom!

—Alright! Now call up the gal pals, put together your best playlist, and make a quick beer run. But most of all, when the time comes, enjoy it. 


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